These are some items you can get at The Dollar Store off Mill Plain. 
14 in Skeleton

4 in or so crows

4-5 in skeleton head- Wouldn't this be cool all glittered?

6 in wide and 5 in tall pumpkin- I want to modge podge or glitter some of these!

Also, craft warehouse has some pretty cute Halloween paper.

- Kendall

Final Call

This is who has responded so far:

Side note- Because this is not an "official" Chicks and Gluesticks Craft Night I invited a few others I'd like to have come. :)

Lisa King- 1 mummy head, 2 crows
Amber Karren- 1 witches hat
Kara Barnett- 2 crows
Callie- getting own stuff

That's it! If you want me to get your materials let me know by tonight.

Also, if you plan on attending will you reply. Just so I can get a head count.



Details! Details! It's all in the DETAILS!

Halloween Craft Night: 
Where: Billings Home 
When: Thursday, September 27th 
Time: Starts 8pm
What To Bring: Bring any embellishments you need. Also, stuff to share if have it. I'll have a little bit of stuff but can't be sure I'll have what you want. 
I will provide: Styrofoam Head & the muslin/fabric for draping, Cardboard hat to be embellished, Crow. 

Take your pick: You can choose all or one or none! Just let me know what and how many by next Monday, September 10th.

Mummy Head: Around $4 for Styrofoam head + fabric
Mummy heads> "To make them, decoupage head forms with strips of white muslin (a great use for old sheets) and then scuff them up by rolling them around in the yard. Hot-glue the heads to wood posts and add bits of raffia."

Witches Hat: $3 for cardboard hat at Craft Warehouse
Altered Halloween Treat Box!! Created By Angela Holt from The Altered Page http://thealteredpage.ning.com/

Crow: $1 at Dollar Store
A Vintage Look for a Dollar Tree Crow by Lilia Meredith - I didn't see any crows when I was at the dollar store - maybe too soon?  Will have to get back there
I will be heading out Tuesday, September 11th to gather materials. Need to know by Monday, September 10th what you want.

Anything else I'm forgetting? Can't wait to get crafting!



Martha getting creepy with the styrofoam heads



This is Kendall that posted the ideas. Sorry I should have put that before.

Anyone have any other ideas? I'd love to see what you all are wanting to make for Halloween.

- Kendall


Halloween Craft Anyone?

Anyone up to do a craft to celebrate my favorite time of year? HALLOWEEN!!!

I'll host. I'm thinking September Wed 19th, Thur 20th, Wed 26th, Thur 27th. Invites open to anyone. I just wanted to post it here first to test the water.

What do you think? Anyone want to do any of these?

Here are some of my ideas:
Halloween Blocks
Mummy Head-Could be embellished to be really cool.
Mummy heads> "To make them, decoupage head forms with strips of white muslin (a great use for old sheets) and then scuff them up by rolling them around in the yard. Hot-glue the heads to wood posts and add bits of raffia."
Embellished Halloween Items- We could pick a few items to do. Ex. pumpkin, witches hat, crow, etc.
A Vintage Look for a Dollar Tree Crow by Lilia Meredith - I didn't see any crows when I was at the dollar store - maybe too soon?  Will have to get back thereAltered Halloween Treat Box!! Created By Angela Holt from The Altered Page http://thealteredpage.ning.com/
Witches Boots
Primitive Halloween Witch Boots w/Black & Orange by OldeAtticPrims, $28.00


May's Craft Night

Hi Everyone,

We are getting ready to purchase our supplies and we have one quick question. 

To make it less complicated on figuring out pricing and how much to buy, here are our thoughts on embellishments.  If you want us to buy your embellishments, we will get everything you will need that night... except for scissors. There are no options of buying a little ribbon, etc. just a set price that will cover everything available. 

For those that are bringing their own embellishments please let us know.  Also, you will need to let us know if you want wood for your fireworks. 

So far we have:
Ashley - bringing her own embellishments and we are supplying the wood.
Kendall - bringing her own embellishments and we are supplying the wood.
Rebecca - no wood or embellishments. 
Amy - do you want us to buy you stuff even though you won't be coming?

Let us know soon... we hope to take care of this in the next two days.  If we don't hear from you we will assume you want us to purchase the wood and embellishments for you.



Baby you're a FIREWORK!

So once Carrie and I started planning the crafts we realized that it would  be best to do just one craft. (Time wise and mess wise.) So according to the poll the Fireworks got the most votes. So here are the night's general details:

Craft:      FIREWORKS
When:     MAY 17th
Time:      7:30pm

I will send one more email regarding supplies. Most likely you will need to bring very little.

So far we only know of one person who cannot make it.



May's Craftnight

Here are your three choices you can choose from.  We are planning on doing two crafts, since they seem fairly simple.  So vote for your two favorite... yes make two votes.
Craft night will be Thursday, May 17... so mark your calendars.
Poll closes May 3rd.


 I love these balls I saw on pinterest. 
Make our own and put them a bowl for the 4th.
 I like this idea of a pillow. 
I would use more shabby chic cotton fabric.  So cute.

 Banners.  Always fun to make and this one is way cute. 
 Can put these anywhere in the house.  Found it on Pinterest.
 Another banner idea... pinterest.
 I like this banner idea that was posted earlier. 
I like the fabric look.
Last, but not least, summer is coming and we all love to swim.  This would be cute to make for our kids.

I love the ideas that have been posted earlier... especially the fabric wreath. 
I just wanted to submit some ideas so I don't feel like a slacker.


More great craft ideas

 I am loving the square fire crackers, and the cute sign:
 This wreath was done with paper and ribbon, soooo cute:
I would love a sign like this to hang in my guest bath.  They would all be very personal, we would all put places we have lived, along with places you and your family, love to visit/vacation.


April Craft Night???

I'd love to end Craft Group with a BANG and make these paper Firecrackers  (Yes I'm a nerd)
Is the next Craft Night really in April or is it in May? Either way, I wanted to post a few ideas. I know it's early but I think it would be fun to do a patriotic craft. The ONLY 4th of July decor I own is my one little banner we made at Lisa's a couple years ago. (Which I love) Anyways, here's a couple ideas....

Looks like that flag banner is made out of oil cloth. So cute for inside or out. Is that an oilcloth BBQ cover I see in the background? That girl has gone above and beyond....

'Patriotic Wall Art'
I was thinking it would be fun for us to do something like this, it reminds me of the Valentine's hearts we did last year when Amy hosted, but 4th of July style. We could do any shape.


It's Spa Day!

A few notes about our upcoming project.  
It will take place at Rebecca's house at 8pm, Wed. March 14th.
I know this is a later start, but Doug is gone and I need time to get my kids to bed before our party.  If you have any questions about the supply list or anything else let me know!

What we will be making:
Each person will make 8 soaps and 3 sugar scrubs with cute identifying tags.

What to bring:
-3 half pint size jars and lids for Sugar Scrub.  
In my opinion, wide mouth is best to get out all the scrub.  But really any metal or glass container with a screw top lid will do.  Just make sure it holds 1 cup.  These were not purchased because many of you already have some lying around your house.   
-Medium size microwave safe bowl for mixing soap.  
The kind with a spout if you have it (like pampered chef kind) or a glass measuring cup would even work too.  
-regular size muffin tin 
This is our soap mold.  We will also have other shapes to choose from.  If you have a fun shaped muffin tin you would like to use, bring it.
-rubber spatula
-(Optional) Embellishments for tags
We will provide supplies to make tags including paper, twine, burlap, a few buttons and ribbon.  Feel free to bring some scraps from home to use for your tags or jar lids.  We will have everything from the bin available also.  

Looking forward to a fun night!


Date for Craft Night


I can host craft night one of the following nights, so please vote on the poll.  It will close Saturday.  

Wednesday, March 14th
Wednesday, March 28th

Just a note, the sidebar shows Carrie and Callie hosting in April, so the 28th may not give them enough time to execute a craft in the time.  Something to consider...

Also, the men's basketball tournament will be over, but open gym will still be going on for those husbands who want to attend this.  We may always have a conflict here depending on which night Harmony is assigned.


Saw these tags on Pinterest. I don't know if anyone would want them for the salt/sugar scrub but the website has some cute ones.




Poll Closes Today!

To the lone last voter, the poll closes today at 4:45pm.  Will you tip the scale or will we need a tie breaker?  No pressure!  Ha Ha! 



Time to Vote!

We selected the crafts that received the most feedback, so you can now vote.  The poll will close on Thursday, Feb. 9th.  May the best craft win! 

I am waiting for the Men's Basketball Tournament schedule to determine the date of craft night because I know this effects several of us.  As soon as I hear when they are playing, we can pencil a date.


Saw this...thought it was cute! -Kendall


Balloon Wreath

I have been wanting one of these to celebrate birthdays at our house.