January Craft Night ♥

Okay so I was wanting to do something Valentine's so that we can use whatever we make for as long as we want before V-day. I really like this idea of doing a button pillow. There are lots of ways we could do it, obviously using different color schemes (black & Red, Red & white, etc.) OR if you didn't want to do valentines you could do like a tan and black or something with your last initial monogramed on it.... and use it year round! (I wanted to make one for Baylor's Nursery with a 'B' in blue and brown... but that never happened.) Also, after seeing Amy's magical tree... I was thinking you could do a Burlap with creamy white buttons and do a snowflake or something, if you wanted something for Winter.

Another thing I mentioned was making a cute heart garland. I don't have a picture because I haven't seen one, but obviously it's a simple concept. I would want my hearts to be glittery of course. This would not take very long, but I know whoever wants to is also going to make the feather wreaths.

After going to the progressive dinner and visiting teaching and seeing many of the same crafts in many homes... it got me thinking, I am TOTALLY fine if someone wants to just bring something different to do IF they do not want to do what the majority decides on. No hurt feelings on my part, and it's nice to have a variety! (Of course we are a small group so it's not that big of a deal if we all do the same thing, don't get me wrong!!!!)

If you have any suggestions, PLEASE post them!

Thanks- Ashley :)

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