A Feather in My Cap! ♥ ,Lindsi

Hey y'all!
Here's my idea...how about HEADBANDS!!! Ooooh...Ahhhh....sooo original! Just kidding. I know anyone can make these, but I want to make some for me and my girls, but I never get around to it. Those stinkin dirty floors and laundry are always getting in the way! But hey, mini craft night! So what I thought was we can make these for ourselves OR our girls. I saw a cute flower one made with burlap of all things! (Amy) Crazy!(pictured) Also I was thinking the feather ones were sooo glamorous. You could be conservitive. Me. Or be extavagant. Callie. I saw buttons, jewels, butterflies, ribbons, flowers, and fabric on them. Anything your heart can imagine! Stuck to your head! So great!
So here's my plan:
  • I'll get a bunch of headbands.(I'm thinking like 2 each? Bring some if you have some you want to cover or whatever.)
  • I'll get a bunch of fabric, ribbons, feathers and what ever I have around the house. (Again, if you have something at your house you really want to stick to your head, bring it! Maybe you have feathers from your boas???)
  • I'll bring my glue gun. (Bring yours if you have one to!)
  • And BOOM! We'll have headbands! Another feather on my cap.


{Let's eat out}

I found this cute idea for "TO-GO"menu's.  Its a little file that holds all your favorite to-go menus.  I am going to go everywhere I can to get as many of these menu's that I can so you don't have to.   You can eather do this size, or a larger one, that you could use for other things, Lindsi said she would like a large one so she can use it for church things, like pictures.....ect.  I will plan on getting everyone the smaller one, and use them for the to-go menu's.  Unless you let me know. 


Wood Cut Outs

This is Carrie. I finally found a craft that I want to do for our 10 minute craft night.  You can hang these anywhere you want, so it is great.  Amy suggested making a swag out of them.  So, I will bring my drill that night and drill the holes where you want them. 

Let me know if you want me to cut out hearts, ovals (for Easter eggs), or circles.  You can have up to five woodcuts.

Also, let me know if you want cream ribbon for the ties.  If not, bring what works for you.

I love the bottle idea. I think I want mine kind of like one of these...I'll bring some stuff to add. Is that ok?



Hey it's Ashley!

First off, I just want to say for the quick crafts- I personally am down to do whatever everyone decides to whip up!

Branching off an idea of Callie's.... I was thinking of something along the lines of, a picture frame, chalkboard paint and some ribbon. I will bring along some scrapbook supplies/embellishments if anyone wants to add extra frills...

If you don't have somewhere to hang it you could put it on a small easel.
Any objections???????


Here are some ideas to share!

Someone could do something like this

I want to some type of Blocks. I have access to this size wood I think.


Ok so I came across this idea on a couple of blogs and it is re-purposing glass bottles into vases and I thought they were pretty cute, cheap and easy! (that's what he said :o)

All we would need is a glass bottle (they used the Target Archer farm brand- $2) and some paint and stencils, or here they just mod podged some iron on numbers, or we could use the etching stuff.

or we could just use paper and embellishments. You could do an initial, a #, a name, or a holiday- options are endless :)  -Lisa


Some Ideas

I am excited that the date of our next craft night has changed, so now I can come!  However, I am going to be getting back in town just a few nights before the 10th, so I thought I'd get planning now.  So if you can all comment ASAP and let me know your top 3 projects I would really appreciate it.  So here are some quick and inexpensive projects I found.  We are shooting for approx. $15 for everything right Amy?

Even though Easter is a ways a way, I thought these fabric covered eggs could be really cute.

A bracelet?  You could do whatever color ribbon you wanted.

I thought this Book of Mormon cover could be cute- especially for kids.  It is just a soft cover B of M, covered with cute paper and tied shut with a ribbon.  And embellised of course.

Burlap Valentine's banners.  The XOXO has black glittered letters and the LOVE is red glittered.  You could choose the burlap color and glitter.

Love blocks.  I don't love these ones in particular, but I couldn't find a picture of what I wanted.  I was thinking decopauging cute paper on and then either steciling love on them or using chipboard letters.  Then distressing and embelllishing.  Amy has ones kind of like the ones I am thinking of.

Valentine treat containers.  This was just the first example I found, but I think we could make them really cute even covering cans...

Let me know what you think.  Hopefully there is something that catches your eye, and I can get planning before I go on my trip.


Valentine Signs ♥

I'm am so happy with how all of the signs turned out! Thanks to everyone for coming. It is so fun to work with a group of girls that are all so crafty and SO talented!!! Please post your pictures so we can admire them all :) Oh and I must say, thanks to my husband and father-in-law Verne for cutting out the wood and Amy for spending tons of time getting her cricuit to cut these stencils out just right!
Hi! I'm last! I love it. Fun project! -Lindsi

Here's mine (Ashley) I put mine above my wedding pictures in my living room.

Here's mine (Elizabeth), I ended up hanging mine in my bedroom. Great project Ashley! It was really fun. Thanks for putting it all together, I am really happy with how it turned out.

I have mine hung on my wreath stand by the front door. Thanks to everyone who made this happen!!
These are the boa wreaths that I made that I have hanging in my living room window (I tried to make them into hearts but it didn't turn out the way I had it in my head so, note to self: next time just make them round). -Lisa

Thank you Ashley and Amy. Carrie

Feather Wreath

I finally put my feather wreath up. ~ carrie