Life is sweet dinner

Here's a few pictures from our "Life is Sweet" dinner in February. Thanks for coming! It was so fun having a dinner with friends!


Mr. Gumby himself!


Patriotic Craft

I would love to do a 'patriotic' craft next time around.

I found this banner on Etsy. Yes we've done banners but I think this is different and adorable. It could also be cute with sparkly stars instead of flags?

This is an old window with the flag painted onto the glass. Pretty simple. The stars are painted on the front side along with one set of stripes, everything else on the back. Does that make sense?

What are your ideas?


I put my ladder on my front porch and....
my wreath in my kitchen. Love it! ~Carrie

I loved this project Carrie! They turned out great. I still need to find a better ribbon for mine (it is just a scrap of fabric right now), or maybe copy Amy's glitter letter idea ;). ~Elizabeth

I showed Logan the pictures of the wreaths and he thought they were so cool he made me finish mine. I'm so glad I did- I love it!!! Thanks for the inspiration on the sparkle letters Amy- genious idea! Also, Carrie- one more time thanks for doing such a great job. You must have spent hours and hours putting all this together!!!! ♥Ashley


I was not sure where I was going to put this but I found the perfecy nook. I love it! Thanks...


Aged/Peeling Paint Tutorial

I found this technique on a blog for 'aging' wood using soap. Check out the tutorial. I think I am going to try this on my latter... I will bring my own soap :)