I put my ladder on my front porch and....
my wreath in my kitchen. Love it! ~Carrie

I loved this project Carrie! They turned out great. I still need to find a better ribbon for mine (it is just a scrap of fabric right now), or maybe copy Amy's glitter letter idea ;). ~Elizabeth

I showed Logan the pictures of the wreaths and he thought they were so cool he made me finish mine. I'm so glad I did- I love it!!! Thanks for the inspiration on the sparkle letters Amy- genious idea! Also, Carrie- one more time thanks for doing such a great job. You must have spent hours and hours putting all this together!!!! ♥Ashley

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Ashley said...

I am so jealous that you guys finished your wreaths. That is typical of me to go home without finishing! I'm gonna do mine tonight!!!

Great job Carrie, everything turned out adorable!