Aged/Peeling Paint Tutorial

I found this technique on a blog for 'aging' wood using soap. Check out the tutorial. I think I am going to try this on my latter... I will bring my own soap :)




Carrie said...

I love this idea.... I just wish I knew about it before yesterday. I have already spray painted Lisa's, Elizabeth's and my ladder. For the three that are painted I was going to have us scuff it up and put some stain on it. So, Lisa and Elizabeth... if you want to paint this style feel free to, but bring the supplies you need and remember what your bass coat is already. They are going to be cute, I am excited to see the ladders finished.

Ashley said...

Carrie, I don't want you to feel bad!!!! I don't think it will make that big of a difference! They will all be cute either way!!!!!!