Patriotic Craft

I would love to do a 'patriotic' craft next time around.

I found this banner on Etsy. Yes we've done banners but I think this is different and adorable. It could also be cute with sparkly stars instead of flags?

This is an old window with the flag painted onto the glass. Pretty simple. The stars are painted on the front side along with one set of stripes, everything else on the back. Does that make sense?

What are your ideas?



Callie Hill said...

love both very cute-callie

Carrie said...

Lets do BOTH:) LOVE IT!

The Morgans said...

Thats so funny I was going to upload the same window. You and I think a like! I might have some windows if you want to buy them from me I would have to go look at my inlaws. I agree I think we could do both. Also I think for those who do not love sewing the flags could be decoupaged I know they sale those in bulk online if everyone votes on these Soon I could help you look lisa.

Elizabeth said...

I love them both too- cute!

Callie Hill said...

I like the Boo banner and the trick-or-treat, with the feathers, I will get the feathers and letters for mine. .