Date for Craft Night


I can host craft night one of the following nights, so please vote on the poll.  It will close Saturday.  

Wednesday, March 14th
Wednesday, March 28th

Just a note, the sidebar shows Carrie and Callie hosting in April, so the 28th may not give them enough time to execute a craft in the time.  Something to consider...

Also, the men's basketball tournament will be over, but open gym will still be going on for those husbands who want to attend this.  We may always have a conflict here depending on which night Harmony is assigned.


Saw these tags on Pinterest. I don't know if anyone would want them for the salt/sugar scrub but the website has some cute ones.




Poll Closes Today!

To the lone last voter, the poll closes today at 4:45pm.  Will you tip the scale or will we need a tie breaker?  No pressure!  Ha Ha! 



Time to Vote!

We selected the crafts that received the most feedback, so you can now vote.  The poll will close on Thursday, Feb. 9th.  May the best craft win! 

I am waiting for the Men's Basketball Tournament schedule to determine the date of craft night because I know this effects several of us.  As soon as I hear when they are playing, we can pencil a date.


Saw this...thought it was cute! -Kendall


Balloon Wreath

I have been wanting one of these to celebrate birthdays at our house.



Banners are always fun!!

This is a way cute Easter banner. It says Happy Easter!!  What do you all think about a banner for Easter, Summer, or St.Patrick's day?

Ideas By Amy

#1 Craft/ Pen Organizer:


Lori put these on her Pinterest I love it. I think they would look so adorable on a desk or craft table

#2 Sweater/ T shirt redo:


Pinned Image


My Sister has this it is Awesome!

We could do this that same Night:

Pinned Image


#3 Make our own Canvas

I Love these Canvas ideas as well

make your own photo canvas



Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


What happens when you have a child up for 2 nights with a cold...

You start to pin everything you've ever seen.  Anyone notice? :)

Here's another idea.

rosette necklace
Miss Daisey Necklace

I'm really dying to do this.



A Hunky Trunk full of Junk

Here's the trunk idea...

Rebecca and I were talking and our kids both could use new toy chests b/c they've beat up theirs and we could use new ones. Here's a couple ideas I found on anna-white. 

I think we can cut costs by using DeWils cabinet rejects. I haven't been before, but do they have a ton? The fabric is another option. 

This is a project that can be for anything, not just for kids toy chest. 

Upholstered Toy Boxes from Old Kitchen Cabinets

Upholstered Toy Boxes from Old Kitchen Cabinets

toy box

What night works best? I'm thinking Thursday in the middle of March. I have younger kids so my calendar's not as crazy, so let Rebecca or I know if you really prefer certain days.

Another thought. I don't really consider this a craft.  But, if we are looking for something I need, I would like to get together glue, cut out, & laminate a ton of file folder games for church.  I think Lindsay Strong had the same thing for FHE.  One night and she came away with FHE activities for the entire year. Just a thought.

Maybe craft night isn't the best place for this. But, I'm just putting it out there more so I remember.


I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

Ha ha...I was surfing blogs and realized I found some things I'd love to suggest for craft night. But, I was gonna hold off cause I'm a freak and maybe Feb. 1st was too early. Thank you Rebecca and Kirsten for making me not feel so weird. :)

Here are my ideas:

Accessories: necklaces, headbands, etc
Ribbon rolled roses tutorial.headbands
Fabric flowersheadbands

I'd love to knock out a bunch of rosettes and make a few things from them.

DIY Napkins & Place Mats
DIY napkins
I'm trying to help the Billings homes to be a little more green. I need to make napkins, place mats, sandwich bags, grocery bags, etc. I'm up for any of that.

love note pillows
I'm not usually wanting more pillows but I saw these where you can scan your own note/handwriting and put in on it. How cute would that be with a old note from your grandma, husband, or your childrens handwriting? I know we could cute these examples up.


March Craft Night

Kirsten and I thought it might be fun to do something for Mother's Day at Craft Night.   I found several really cute homemade scrubs and bath fizzies that would be something fun and different to make.  They are made mostly from pantry items and have a shelf life of up to 6 months so you could use them as gifts or to pamper yourself.  And we could make some different kinds!  

Since there are plenty of ideas already on the blog, we were hoping to also give people a chance to make those "runner up" crafts or others that have been circling around the poll for a few months.  If you have something that has been a runner up, make a comment and we can get it on the poll.  It will be posted soon.  

Some ideas we had are: 

aprons or tablecloth

Cake stands

small furniture project: perhaps a trunk for storing toys or blankets.  
Kirsten said we may be able to recruit Colby to help. (Picture coming soon)