A Hunky Trunk full of Junk

Here's the trunk idea...

Rebecca and I were talking and our kids both could use new toy chests b/c they've beat up theirs and we could use new ones. Here's a couple ideas I found on anna-white. 

I think we can cut costs by using DeWils cabinet rejects. I haven't been before, but do they have a ton? The fabric is another option. 

This is a project that can be for anything, not just for kids toy chest. 

Upholstered Toy Boxes from Old Kitchen Cabinets

Upholstered Toy Boxes from Old Kitchen Cabinets

toy box

What night works best? I'm thinking Thursday in the middle of March. I have younger kids so my calendar's not as crazy, so let Rebecca or I know if you really prefer certain days.

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Chicks and Gluesticks said...

I like the idea. I might want a different take on the trunk...maybe a coffee table turned bench. But, I could just make those adjustments myself. This would be so fun to make.