Another thought. I don't really consider this a craft.  But, if we are looking for something I need, I would like to get together glue, cut out, & laminate a ton of file folder games for church.  I think Lindsay Strong had the same thing for FHE.  One night and she came away with FHE activities for the entire year. Just a thought.

Maybe craft night isn't the best place for this. But, I'm just putting it out there more so I remember.


The Morgans said...

I love these but I am not so Sure Lori has any use for File folders. Taklk to Amber K. About this I gave her a Whole year of FHE packets you could copy.

Chicks and Gluesticks said...

Yep, I thought of that that's why I said that "maybe craft night isn't the best place"... I know a few people have them. Lindsay Strong for sure. I know I could do these myself but 10 helping hands makes everything easier.

Lindsi said...

I have a disk of file folders that you can print in color, so all you have to do is cut and laminate. I'd be interested in doing the family night stuff or getting some new file folders, my kids are sick of mine. Let me know if you decide to do that some time.

Ashley May said...

I would also love to get together and make some of these with whoever is interested!