More Ladder Choices

Hey Girlfriends.... it looks like the ladder is going to be the winner.
I decided that I'll supply what you want, if it is the wreath or letter.
That way you get exactly what you want. The wreath will be a small one from the dollar store to help stay in the budget, which should be fine because the pages are long.
You can choose a chunky ladder like this one or
the first ladder I posted.



April project ideas

Here are some other ideas for April!

We could make these cute tin buckets.... size.... is whatever I can find.
You could put towels in them, drinks for a party, flowers.....

Art for a table.

Paper wreath, you bring your own book to destroy.
This would go with the ladder if the ladder is chosen. ~Carrie


Letter cut out.

If we choose the ladder we will either do a letter or a wreath with it.
Here is one of the letters.

Decorative Ladder

I am so excited I found a picture of one, it took me forever!!! These are popular in Utah and I wanted to buy one when I was there, but had no way of getting it home. I asked my sister-in-law to take a picture of hers so I could post it, but she hasn't sent it yet. But, I did find a similar one on line. You can put this in your house, on your door step, garden.... where ever you want! The ones in Utah come with different wood cuts for each holiday to go on them. I was thinking I would put an antiquish wreath on it or a big letter cut out that is all rustic looking.

What do you think?


For April!! TURN IN YOUR IDEAS to Vote on!!

I really like the finials but I also like the idea of an outside Item. What if we did some type of planter bow our way of course. here are a couple ideas more for the shape then the finish. but this gives you the idea we could paint them in polka dots, stripes or whatever. We could use old doors, shutters or windows to cut up.

These Pictures just show a general idea of what I was thinking.

I like carries ideas for some outdoor decorating ladder http://www.ehow.com/how_5785880_build-freestanding-ladder-shelf.html

PLEASE get your ideas in by Tomorrow so that Carrie has plenty of time to get ready.

Shooting ahead!

SO I am trying to figure out what we want to do in May.

Here are my thoughts of different ideas
1. We could invite a friend not in our ward or your moms (Mothers day) to join in.

2. We could take on a bigger Project I found this Blog so take a look and tell me what you think.http://www.knockoffwood.blogspot.com/Knockoffwoods i can get my father in law or the May's dad :) to cut wood she said it took her an hour to put this together I think we are amazing woman and could totally pull something like this off if we worked together.

Example: This cute bench she said it only took an hour. She said it cost $15, there are storage bins end tables and more.


3. A Good will Remake Trip. We go to goodwill spend $10-$15 then to a craft store to get extras to remake our projects

We could do this some other time (Sat, Morning, etc. )

If you have other suggestions please suggest.



Something for Outside?!

Okay, this isn't the most exciting idea ever, but I was thinking maybe it would be fun to do some kind of tin pale like this:I saw this one at Camas Antique for $38.00... puhhhlease! That is so expensive. Anyways, we could do a different size & color..We could do polka dots, or monogram it with letters, numbers or think of some words... I don't know!

I was thinking it would be fun to use it outside with some flowers in it, OR you could use it in a bathroom as a trash can or to hold TP or something like that.
Like I said, not the most exciting idea but I do think it would be fun to make something for a porch. You guys are creative.. any ideas?


Carrie's Finished Projects

I decided to paint my recipe holder black. I love it!

Now I can't wait to see everyone elses.... hint hint.


I'm Lovin' it!

Thanks Lindsi for an adorable craft! I love it. If I saw this at the store I would want to buy it!
Also- thanks Amy for finding so many ideas!!!