I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

Ha ha...I was surfing blogs and realized I found some things I'd love to suggest for craft night. But, I was gonna hold off cause I'm a freak and maybe Feb. 1st was too early. Thank you Rebecca and Kirsten for making me not feel so weird. :)

Here are my ideas:

Accessories: necklaces, headbands, etc
Ribbon rolled roses tutorial.headbands
Fabric flowersheadbands

I'd love to knock out a bunch of rosettes and make a few things from them.

DIY Napkins & Place Mats
DIY napkins
I'm trying to help the Billings homes to be a little more green. I need to make napkins, place mats, sandwich bags, grocery bags, etc. I'm up for any of that.

love note pillows
I'm not usually wanting more pillows but I saw these where you can scan your own note/handwriting and put in on it. How cute would that be with a old note from your grandma, husband, or your childrens handwriting? I know we could cute these examples up.



Hill Family said...

Love the rosette idea that would be fun.

Lindsi said...

I would love to make some cute rosette clips or bands for Brookie's new haircut. I'm also loving the bath salts and stuff, for gifts like Visiting teaching or mothers day. I'm personally not in much need for furniture though.