Some Ideas

I am excited that the date of our next craft night has changed, so now I can come!  However, I am going to be getting back in town just a few nights before the 10th, so I thought I'd get planning now.  So if you can all comment ASAP and let me know your top 3 projects I would really appreciate it.  So here are some quick and inexpensive projects I found.  We are shooting for approx. $15 for everything right Amy?

Even though Easter is a ways a way, I thought these fabric covered eggs could be really cute.

A bracelet?  You could do whatever color ribbon you wanted.

I thought this Book of Mormon cover could be cute- especially for kids.  It is just a soft cover B of M, covered with cute paper and tied shut with a ribbon.  And embellised of course.

Burlap Valentine's banners.  The XOXO has black glittered letters and the LOVE is red glittered.  You could choose the burlap color and glitter.

Love blocks.  I don't love these ones in particular, but I couldn't find a picture of what I wanted.  I was thinking decopauging cute paper on and then either steciling love on them or using chipboard letters.  Then distressing and embelllishing.  Amy has ones kind of like the ones I am thinking of.

Valentine treat containers.  This was just the first example I found, but I think we could make them really cute even covering cans...

Let me know what you think.  Hopefully there is something that catches your eye, and I can get planning before I go on my trip.


Chicks and Gluesticks said...

I think the eggs or the bracelet would be great! Even the banners are great- i would probably like the xo one best- so which ever one everybody else goes for- I'm in! -Lisa

Elizabeth said...

One more thing- if anyone wants to "steal" any of these ideas for their project- go right ahead. They are all ones I wouldn't mind doing.

The Morgans said...

They are all so Cute I also like the Bracelet,and eggs but I would pick the bracelet or a necklace like that.

Ashley May said...

I would like to do some blocks, assuming ours would be much cuter! I'd be down for the eggs & bracelet too.