A Feather in My Cap! ♥ ,Lindsi

Hey y'all!
Here's my idea...how about HEADBANDS!!! Ooooh...Ahhhh....sooo original! Just kidding. I know anyone can make these, but I want to make some for me and my girls, but I never get around to it. Those stinkin dirty floors and laundry are always getting in the way! But hey, mini craft night! So what I thought was we can make these for ourselves OR our girls. I saw a cute flower one made with burlap of all things! (Amy) Crazy!(pictured) Also I was thinking the feather ones were sooo glamorous. You could be conservitive. Me. Or be extavagant. Callie. I saw buttons, jewels, butterflies, ribbons, flowers, and fabric on them. Anything your heart can imagine! Stuck to your head! So great!
So here's my plan:
  • I'll get a bunch of headbands.(I'm thinking like 2 each? Bring some if you have some you want to cover or whatever.)
  • I'll get a bunch of fabric, ribbons, feathers and what ever I have around the house. (Again, if you have something at your house you really want to stick to your head, bring it! Maybe you have feathers from your boas???)
  • I'll bring my glue gun. (Bring yours if you have one to!)
  • And BOOM! We'll have headbands! Another feather on my cap.


Elizabeth said...

Love it! I am excited!

The Kings said...

I like it- I don't think gray or preston would wear one so it would have to be for me- shucks!

Ashley May said...

THat will be a lot of fun, good idea! ...and yes I do love the blog header! SO CUTE!