{All Americian house mom}

{So as you can see we are going to be making the iron board covers, and the iron board hangers.}

For these 2 crafts these are the items you will need:
For the covers:
~Your sewing machine (if you have one)

~2 yards fabric of your choice (20x60) (you want me to get your fabric please let me know no later than Sunday night)

~1 spool thread to match

~Twine or elastic enough to fit all around the board

For the iron board hanger:

~I will get the hooks, boards and the paint. (White, Cream, & Black) ~If you want it to say anything please bring your own vinyl words or stencils with you. I will not provide this.

* Unless I hear from you by Sunday night I will assume you are getting your own sewing supplies.


Chicks and Gluesticks said...

Lindsi just informed me that she has some "BARN WOOD" that we can use for the iron board hangers. So this will be the type of wood used if you all are cool with this!! I think they will look pretty cute. See you all next week!-Callie

Carrie said...

Hey Callie, I won't be making an iron board cover either. I just bought a new one too. So, I'll just be making the iron hanger which I am excited about. Later, Carrie

Lori Homer said...

Hi Callie ! I will be bringing all my supplies with me (sewing machine, thread, elastic,fabric,etc...) Thanks much for your work. See everyone Weds. ;} ! Lori

Elizabeth said...

Callie- is craft night at your place tomorrow? What's the address? If you could stick it on here or email it to me, that would be great. Also, I have mutual tomorrow and will be there a bit late.

Lori Homer said...

Super cute Amy you're fabulous ! Thanks for all the cute, creative 14 days of Feb last month ! Loved the variety of craft tasks ....super insightful luv ya ;} !!