Craft Night Tomorrow!

Hey ladies, tomorrow is the big night :)

It will be at 8:00 at Ashley's house.

To save money on a few things, we figured we could just bring some of the stuff that we already have laying around rather then buying new and storing it in the bin. If you could bring the following items that would be great. If you do not have them PLEASE DO NOT GO BUY THEM! I can share mine!!

Painter's tape (If you want to stripe your broomstick)

Glitter in Halloween colors (We have some orange in the bin)

One glue stick (We'll just throw them in the bin and we should be set for awhile!)

Last year I bought a $10 tube of orange Martha Stewart glitter for the Subway signs. It is missing from the bin. We were thinking someone may have borrowed it. If so, please return it. Thanks!:)

We are excited to see you all tomorrow.
Give either of us a call if you have any questions!

Thank, Ashley & Amy :)

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