May's Craft Night

Hi Everyone,

We are getting ready to purchase our supplies and we have one quick question. 

To make it less complicated on figuring out pricing and how much to buy, here are our thoughts on embellishments.  If you want us to buy your embellishments, we will get everything you will need that night... except for scissors. There are no options of buying a little ribbon, etc. just a set price that will cover everything available. 

For those that are bringing their own embellishments please let us know.  Also, you will need to let us know if you want wood for your fireworks. 

So far we have:
Ashley - bringing her own embellishments and we are supplying the wood.
Kendall - bringing her own embellishments and we are supplying the wood.
Rebecca - no wood or embellishments. 
Amy - do you want us to buy you stuff even though you won't be coming?

Let us know soon... we hope to take care of this in the next two days.  If we don't hear from you we will assume you want us to purchase the wood and embellishments for you.



Lori Homer said...

Hi ladies ! Yes, I will be there for this very cute patriotic craft ;} ! I only need wooden dowels if you are cutting these please . I will bring my own embellishments...thank you !!

Kendall said...


If anyone wants to make a wreath they have the foam pool noodles at the $1 store off Mill Plain.

I bought one and am thinking week of June4th or week of June 18th to make it. Go buy one and we can do it together.