Hey girls its that time again to plan this coming years chicksandgluesticks craft group. Thank you so much for being part of my craft group It was better success than I could have imagined. I have tried to talk to many of you about what your ideas are for the craft group and have had lots of great input Thank you.

I have decided to add 2 more people to the craft group to make it an even 9 that way everyone has 1 month to do there project.


Skip JUNE or DEC Please Vote

Also I need to know what day of the week is best check out the polls

I realize this seems like a lot more but I think it will be fine, If you think you do not have enough room to handle a large project (Big picture frames:) SOOO cute by the way! I will be sharing mine soon I just finished them) We can try to work that out. Callies going to buy a big giant house for us to all go to right? If this is too many for you I understand, Fresh Blood is always good.

Also, If you would like to call me or email me any names of people that you know would be a great and/or would like to get to know that would be great. That helped when I asked you each to be part of this group. I have loved getting to know each of you better. I have a few names in mind but would love input.

So here are the rules to this group (as a reminder and for the new gals to read once I let them know)

1. You must be able to Complete 1 project, I think it is helpful if all supplies are available for that project so that it is 100% finished by the time we leave.

2. Please come to all craft nights its not really fair if 1 person has to put together 9 craft kits and another only does 4 You can give it as a gift if you do not feel that it will fit well in your home- Think girls night out. Obviously if something major comes up things can not be helped but please try to only miss 1 craft night, It is not the hostess responsibility to deliver and re teach the project so if you can’t make it please be considerate.

3. Projects are to be around $15 Please be thoughtful with cost, There will be a bin passed around, With extra supplies so that we do not all buy the same paint brushes .

4. You are welcome to switch months if needed. Just ask the group I have a couple sweet girls who always say they are willing to do whatever. Besides who knows what really will happen in March right?

5. Everyone will get the opportunity to suggest and vote on projects, Please make sure this is done at least 2 weeks in advanced so that if you need to order things or whatever it can be done early enough. Most of us are willing to share our thoughts and ideas so just ask.

6. Please put your photos on the blog they are fun to look at!

7. Relax we are here to have agood time and learn new techniques. I have loved doing the projects on the back of my to do list!

8.If you decide that the craft night is not working with your schedual thats fine but you will need to be in charge of the next month before you quit.

I need to know By Aug 15th if you are

still planning to do this for the up coming year.

Please feel free to call me if you have questions or concerns. Start thinking about which month you want to take on for your craft night, I can't wait to get started again. Start looking for ideas!!

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