Ruffle Pillow

Yay for ruffled pillows!

I have uploaded some ideas here for you to browse and see what type of pillow you would like to do. I think we can let this project take some free form and everyone can do whatever size or type of pillow they would like.

What you will need:

Pillow form(s)

Fabric for front and back of your pillow

Fabric for ruffling

scissors/rotary cutter and mat

Thread to match

Sewing machine (if you have one)

Keep in mind the amount of fabric you need to buy depends on the size of your pillow and type of ruffling you choose to do. You will have break out your math skills when figuring how much to buy.

Things to remember when purchasing your supplies:

As a general rule, add 1/2 seam allowance for all sides.

I like to make the backs of my pillows like a sham. To do this, you need 2 rectangular back pieces--1 side the pillow length + seam allowance, and the other side 1/2 the width of your pillow plus 5 inches.

(My pillow forms are 18" squares. So I will need a front piece 19" by 19" and 2 back pieces 19" by 14" to create the insert back like this)

When figuring out your ruffles you should double your desired length. So if you want a finished ruffle that measures 19" x 4"--you need to cut a piece 38" x 5" long. If you need ten ruffles, these lengths can add up to lots of fabric.

Using a bedsheet is an economical solution for making lots of ruffles. This is what I will be using. Some of you have said you have some leftover supplies lying around to use. If you need me to purchase supplies for you. Please notify me by Thursday Feb. 24th!

Craft night will be at my (Rebecca's) house Wed March 2nd. If you need an address, I can email you.


The Morgans said...

Lori and Elizabeth need you to Email them Thanks,

Elizabeth said...

I am not going to be able to make it next week. My husband is in Atlanta for the week, so I'll be home with my kiddos. Take lots of pictures of the finished pillows, so I can copy them :).