April 411


First, one more idea. I think these would be fun to have and make. So mull that over for a second….






I’ve put a poll at the top of the blog. I’m allowing multiple votes. You get 2 votes (only 2 please!) So here’s what I want you to do. Pick your 2 favorites, or if you only like one thing use both your votes for it.  I hope this doesn't backfire….I just think it will give us a better idea of what we want…

If we choose the apothecary jars I think we’ll make something to go in them, and after the poll closes I’ll put the options in a second poll.

More to come after the poll.

Poll closes March 20!!!




Chicks and Gluesticks said...

Yes those are fun to have. I already have them :)

Lindsi said...

And you would be??? (Ashley?)

Chicks and Gluesticks said...

Yeah I didn't realize I was logged in to chicks and gluesticks

Ashley May said...

Does the pole let you vote twice? I voted for the mossy wreath but it only took my first vote..