Mossy Wreaths it is!

Mossy Wreaths -

So, according to the poll most of us want to do the mossy wreaths. I’m going to get started on gathering things this week. I have a feeling round wreaths will be easiest to find so I’ll be looking for those. I will also find some garden bugs and accessories as seen in the photos.

Decoupage Eggs -

The second favorite was the decoupage eggs. I think we will have time to do both of these projects so I’m going to look for some eggs or maybe balloons also.

You will defiantly need your glue guns this month - so stock up on glue sticks, and bring some modge-podge if you have some. I’ll have some available here also.

Head count -

So right now I am expecting:

Amy, Ashley, Kirsten, Elizabeth, Lori, Carrie, and Me.

I am not expecting:

Rebecca who has become an Accountant’s Widow until April 15th (tax day) and Kendall and Callie who have retired with the old folks and are collecting Social Security.

Please let me know by Thursday if you won’t be able to make it!

I will send a final detailed email next Sunday.

See ya chicks soon!


Elizabeth said...

We are leaving for Montana that Wed. morning-for the rest of spring break. So unless by chance any one wants to do craft night one night early- I won't be able to make it. I am really bummed! I LOVE the projects we chose.

Carrie said...

There may be a small chance I won't be home the 6th either but I am the 5th for sure. I am not 100%sure. I'll let you know Lindsi for sure soon.

Lori Homer said...

I have my letter H & my sheet moss from JoAnns . Wow... they have great sales right now especially if you get their flyers in the mail !! ;} Love the savings...ha ! Baseball games start tomorrow( Weds 13th )@ 5:30 so as soon as my husband covers me @ the field I'll join you gals . Thanks Lindsi for all you've done ;} !