Ashley's Ideas

I love all Amy's snow globe ideas. I think this would be a really fun/interesting craft to do.
Here's another one.

Maybe I'm lame but I think it would be fun to do ornaments again. Maybe a little more organized this time? (Not that last year was bad I loved it) Anyways, I posted a few ideas that I thought looked fun.



Lori Homer said...

Okay ladies I hope you don't think I not wanting to post anything on here :/ I am having difficulty finding out how to use my new IPad to copy & paste . My laptop ,figures, has several viruses & is freezing up on me ! Bare with me . Love all the posts ! Especially like the advent calendar, burlap tree skirt & when I can post it I saw a cute little Christmas tree idea made out off old music paper and birch tree . ;}

Kirsten and Colby said...

I agree Ashley! That would be fun, but with more planned ornaments rather than a free for all. So many cute ideas!