PLEASE its time to Vote!

We have the oppurtunity of possibly having Guest Denise with us next month Either to Teach a class or to Join us on making our Craft. You may have seen her work at just some of these places Arts and scraps, Camas Antiques, Uncovered Ruby or here at http://junquesoiree.blogspot.com/  We wanted your input. What are your thoughts on this? She could be a lot of fun to bounce ideas with.

Please Vote on your Item on the Poll, For some reason it would not let me add a 5th item on the Poll so if you want the Tree Skirt please just leave a comment Below.


Lori Homer said...

Super excited ! Denise Johnson is super inspirational , full of creative ideas definitely loves the same shabby chic vintage things we all do ! Have taken a couple classes from her @ Arts & Scraps.... great take away projects ! She has a passion for junking (like I sooo do) & has a talent in repurposing/reusing as we all do . Would love to have her share some ideas w/us & pick her creative brain....ha ! it's a YES for me ;> !!

Kendall said...

Sounds great to me. Can't wait to meet her.

Kendall said...

So it looks like Advent Calendar won! Anyone know which one we are doing?