Advent Calendar

Sorry for the lack of info! Lori and I have been working on our ideas of how to put together the advent calendar. Here’s our basic plan:

  1. Cupboard doors – these can be painted, you can put burlap over, what ever you want.
  2. Cup hooks – these also can be painted. Stanley 759060 - 1-1/2 Bright Brass(3) Cup Hook 
  3. Muslin pouches – to hold the treats/treasuresCotton Muslin Bags Wedding Gift Bags 3x4" inch ($.35 each) Pack of 24
  4. Tags, Numbers, and all sorts of embellishments. (Don’t go buy anything, but if you have stuff on hand feel free to bring it.)
  5. Also we want to put together all our ideas for what to put in the bags, so be thinking of some ideas to share.

Hopefully you can envision this.

Please comment and let me know if you think you will want your cupboard painted or not. Also what color you would probably do. This isn’t a commitment, I’m going to be picking up the doors and I need to try to decide the best way to have them ready for the 16th. Thanks!

*P.S.  Craft Night – November 16th, 7:30 at Lori’s House*


Rebecca said...

I would like to paint my board. Not sure what color yet, but something Christmas. Maybe red or white with glitter over?

Ashley May said...

I will probably want mine to be a bright red.

Kirsten and Colby said...

I think I'm doing the red. I have everything in cream and I need some color. They sound really cute!

Carrie said...

I like the idea of red too. Carrie

Kendall said...

I agree with everyone else. Red Please!!!

Kendall said...

Just wondering...Lindsay & Lori-Did you see one picture that helped you decided on the final layout of the project? If so could you post the link so I could view it. I have a terrible picturing the finished project. Thanks, Kendall

P.S. I know your lives are crazy busy so if you don't get to it...no problem...it was just a thought.

Lori Homer said...

Hi Kendall & all,
The Junque Drawer Advent Calendar is a close example of what we are doing . On top of our embellished tags we are going to be hanging small muslin bags (one for each day) w/a daily surprise for our children to open . Our boards will be cupboard doors that Lindsi so kindly gathered . Some of us are painting the doors & others are choosing to cover in burlap . Look @ the example & think of what embellishments you might want to bring with you to decorate your tags . I have some embellishments that you all can use . I'd say bring your favorite glue, hot glue gun, working tools, extra embellishments, etc... Lindsi will probably add to this comment of things I 've forgotten...going to be FUN !! ;} Can't wait! Lori