April Craft Night???

I'd love to end Craft Group with a BANG and make these paper Firecrackers  (Yes I'm a nerd)
Is the next Craft Night really in April or is it in May? Either way, I wanted to post a few ideas. I know it's early but I think it would be fun to do a patriotic craft. The ONLY 4th of July decor I own is my one little banner we made at Lisa's a couple years ago. (Which I love) Anyways, here's a couple ideas....

Looks like that flag banner is made out of oil cloth. So cute for inside or out. Is that an oilcloth BBQ cover I see in the background? That girl has gone above and beyond....

'Patriotic Wall Art'
I was thinking it would be fun for us to do something like this, it reminds me of the Valentine's hearts we did last year when Amy hosted, but 4th of July style. We could do any shape.


Kendall said...

Love it! I love the firecrackers and the wall art thing. I also don't have any 4th of July decorations.

The Morgans said...

I also love the firecrackers and the Patriotic Wall art, Can we do both? :)