It's Spa Day!

A few notes about our upcoming project.  
It will take place at Rebecca's house at 8pm, Wed. March 14th.
I know this is a later start, but Doug is gone and I need time to get my kids to bed before our party.  If you have any questions about the supply list or anything else let me know!

What we will be making:
Each person will make 8 soaps and 3 sugar scrubs with cute identifying tags.

What to bring:
-3 half pint size jars and lids for Sugar Scrub.  
In my opinion, wide mouth is best to get out all the scrub.  But really any metal or glass container with a screw top lid will do.  Just make sure it holds 1 cup.  These were not purchased because many of you already have some lying around your house.   
-Medium size microwave safe bowl for mixing soap.  
The kind with a spout if you have it (like pampered chef kind) or a glass measuring cup would even work too.  
-regular size muffin tin 
This is our soap mold.  We will also have other shapes to choose from.  If you have a fun shaped muffin tin you would like to use, bring it.
-rubber spatula
-(Optional) Embellishments for tags
We will provide supplies to make tags including paper, twine, burlap, a few buttons and ribbon.  Feel free to bring some scraps from home to use for your tags or jar lids.  We will have everything from the bin available also.  

Looking forward to a fun night!


Lori Homer said...

Hi Rebecca & ladies, I really wanted to be there tonight but I am going to have to pass ;| . We are remodeling upstairs master bath , bedroom & downstairs guest bath...ugh a lil' dusty & feeling kind of disorganized ! We also have been chosen as a host family for a French exchange student to stay with us for a month...I must fill out the paperwork tonight ;/ . I will pay you Rebecca for my things & I would love to get scrub recipes from you all so I to do these @ home @ a later date ! Sorry for the late notice just was really hoping to come tonight ;( have fun !!!

Rebecca said...

No biggie! I can bring your stuff by sometime tomorrow or Friday.