I love these balls I saw on pinterest. 
Make our own and put them a bowl for the 4th.
 I like this idea of a pillow. 
I would use more shabby chic cotton fabric.  So cute.

 Banners.  Always fun to make and this one is way cute. 
 Can put these anywhere in the house.  Found it on Pinterest.
 Another banner idea... pinterest.
 I like this banner idea that was posted earlier. 
I like the fabric look.
Last, but not least, summer is coming and we all love to swim.  This would be cute to make for our kids.

I love the ideas that have been posted earlier... especially the fabric wreath. 
I just wanted to submit some ideas so I don't feel like a slacker.


Hill Family said...

I must say I also love BAlls. HaHaHeHe!!!! No really I like the base balls thay would be so fun to make.

Carrie said...

I am laughing... I having memories of reading all those apron post!

The Morgans said...

Haha! You guys are funny!