Hooray!!! You have chosen a winner!

We are doing COOKBOOKS. Since that is a fairly easy craft, I thought we could take the next two weeks to post ideas of what you guys had in mind. Please post all your ideas by December 31st.

My thoughts:

Did you just want to do a simple version where I get clear binders, we decorate with scrapbook paper, and I have sheet protectors, etc?

Do you want to make it more personal with nice binders, etc?

Please give me your feed back.

I am putting up a poll to choose the date. It's between dates: Wednesday, January 18th or Thursday, January 19th @ 8:00 pm.

Please vote on the poll TO CHOOSE THE DATE. The poll will close January 2nd.

Thanks for all your time! Enjoy the next week of Christmas and kids out of school chaos! Yahoo!!!


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