What do you think?

So I am feeling as though I don't want to do such a "large" project.  My house is getting full of "stuff".  So what about a cooking class?  Or a small project.  I just feel like every project seems to take up so much space in the house. -Callie

  Here or a few options:

{A Cook Book, I have so many loose paper recipes that I need to put in a simple book.  So they are all in one place.  What about you?  So simple but so useful.
Domestic Personalized Recipe BookCustom listing for WHITNEY, Elegant Recipe BookEiffel Tower Personalized Recipe Book with 4 Color Options

{A baking class, maybe we could get Amy's sister to help.....

Dessert of the month club - Cookies, Fudge, Bread - homemade goodies

{Like you have done befor: Jewelry
Lady Of The Moon Chunky Charm Bracelet, Moonstone,Wiccan,pagan,Witch,witchcraft,metaphysical,new age

Fabric Flower Brooch for hair or on jewelry


Kendall said...

I'm right there with you. I'd love to not have to store something. I like the cookbook and jewelry for sure. Someday I'd like to do a pretty online cookbook but in the mean time the binder one would do.


Lindsi said...

I really like the cookbook idea too. I have so many loose recipes. I also thought that I would type them up and it never seems to happen, then I just can never find them when I want. Jewlery is always fun too, I always get compliments on my necklace from last time!

Rebecca said...

LOVE the idea of something more useful. I like the brooch idea too. Something fun to dress up a winter cardigan.