Details for Binders

Break down of materials I'll supply and what you should bring.
Providing- Basic Supplies:

Big Tab Write-On Dividers-16/person: $2.72

Sheet Protectors-50/person-$3.97

4x6 Sheet Protectors- fits four 4x6 recipe cards- 5/person-$2.16

White Easy Peel Labels- 1/2 " x 1 3/4"-16/person- $.08

Labels will be: Appetizer/Snacks, Drinks, Bread, Muffins, Cookies/Bars/Brownies, Cakes, Pies, Soups, Salads, Sides/Vegetables, Pasta, Chicken, Beef, Pork/Lamb/Fish, Crock pot, Holiday

Total Price: $8.93/ person (unless you've spoken to me previously and don't need some of the "Basics")

Providing- Extra Supplies:

Binders- 1.5 inch-Vinyl-Colored (as shown)- I have 3 total-$5/binder- first come, first serve- can reserve on comment-not email or txt

Binders- Plain (as shown)- 1.5 inch White View Binder-1 pack=3 binders- $2.17/binder- first come, first serve-can reserve on comment-not email or txt

Metal Book Plates- 4 long, 3 med, 4 small (not shown)- $.25 each- first come, first serve- can reserve on comment- not email or txt

Small Child Size Whisk- Price Unknown- Pictured is my own whisk because I couldn't find Elise's small one from her kitchen. Hopefully, you get the idea.  I am still on the hunt for these. If I find them I will post the price.

Burlap Sign w/ Dictionary Definition of Recipe (or other word; ideas-yummy, grub, foodie)- not yet priced- printed on white card stock for stability & to help words show up from my printer.

#1- Lg sign for front of book (shown- w/o ribbon-can be laminated for smooth look)
#2- Sm sign for side of binder (not shown-will make to fit)

Laminated Sheets for Dividers-not yet priced- You bring your own paper and embellishments for the dividers. I can laminate up to 9x11.5 size page. It will laminate the tab if wanted but will leave out the 3 holes for the rings.

Oilcloth-1/2 yrd- $3.45/1/2 yrd

I have purchased oilcloth for Rebecca and Carrie. You guys can pick that up at my house anytime or I will have it for you craft night.

The coupons are available on previous posts if anyone wants to head out to Fabric Depot. FYI-On Friday 6th and Saturday 7th all Fabric Depot fabric is 35% off including oilcloth. That along with the 40% off coupons provide many options for deals on oilcloth.

Anything under heading "Extra Supplies" I will provide. Price extra-in addition to "Basic Supplies" total.

Binders and metal book plates- Already purchased. 
Whisks- Only thing that I am still on the hunt for. Need a comment to make sure I purchase for you.
Burlap signs- 1 color burlap (natural) that I already have on hand. Comment would make sure already printed when arrive. 
Laminating sheets for dividers- I have and can laminate craft night. Comment would make sure I have enough.
Sewing machine for oilcloth-I have with leather needle all ready set up for oilcloth. I have extra leather needles if want to bring your own.
Cutting mat and rotary cutter for oilcloth-have one

You are responsible for:
- your own oilcoth
- scrapbook paper
- embellishments
- ribbon
- anything else for your binder that you want
- your own binder if don't want one provided
- your own recipes

This is my final product.

I will have everything at my house if anyone wants to get supplies early or browse for inspiration.

Now I will go away and you will not hear a thing from me until craft night, except for update on whisk and date. :)


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