Info for Recipe Binders

With the help of genius Amy Morgan, Lindsay and I have come to a decision on how to do the Recipe Binders that I think you guys will be happy with.

Two Options:
#1- Plain binder, cute paper insert in the front clear pocket, clear sheet protectors, extra card stock for those recipes that are not 8.5 x 11, and pretty paper for tabs and dividers. Very similar to the typical FHE or Budget binder that I posted earlier.

#2- Oil Cloth covered binders- Examples are below.



I am willing to purchase the oil cloth but can only buy up to two options (if someone comes with me-one person/coupon). Most oil cloth @ Fabri Depot ranges from $8.49-$9.49. It will take 1/2 yd if you want to sew the pocket that covers the inside flap completely. Like the bottom example.

Right now oil cloth is 20% off until Monday. I have a coupon that will get one cut of fabric for 40% off. All sales end Monday.  I will go Monday but have to have all orders in by than. Also, have to buy no more than two types since it is for one cut of fabric.

Here is the link to the coupon if you want to go yourself:

Here are the kinds of oil cloth Fabric Depot has.

Price Break Down so far- 2 in binder- $3, oil cloth $3, 25 sheet protectors-$2+ (I'm going to find more in bulk cause I think we will all need way more)= $8+(more sheet protectors). Without oil cloth minus $3 from total.
Still need to price-Tabs or cute paper cut with tabs & embellishements (ribbon, spoons, etc)

Okay! Hope that helps. Post a comment on the type of oil cloth you want by Sunday, December 25th. I will go Monday and buy the two kinds that win.

Note-I am only buying oil cloth if you want it. You can bring your own fabric, burlap or have nothing.



Carrie said...

I guess I am first to respond. I like the oil cloth idea because maybe it will make the binder more durable because my normal binders break after a year or two. I like the red poke-a-dot, or any poke-a-dot for that matter. I also like the brown and cream patterned one that is in the picture under the brown/cream check oil cloth. One more I like is the blue with cherry's. I like the idea of getting two that compliment each other, like the poke-a-dot red and blue/cherry and using both on one book if possible... break it up. There you go, that is my input. Thanks Kendall. Carrie

Rebecca said...

Something bright is what I want. I love the dots or gingham and cherries-red preferred. I would go with you if it was another day. Let me know if your plans change.

Kendall said...

Thanks for input.

Rebecca-Plans can't change cause that's when the coupon ends. But, worry...this is not your month. Lindsay and I can figure something out.

Carrie- Your talking about the floral brown and cream? I know exactly which one.

Ashley May said...

I would love to do the red gingham, polls dots and cherries. Thanks, Ashley :)

Lori Homer said...

I have my oil cloth thank you Amy . I am going to use that vintage cream & black big numbered looking oil cloth I found @ Fabric Depot . So I am good . Looks like fun....can't wait ;} !!

Hill Family said...

I dont want any cloth, paper (cardstock) or imbelishments. All I want is clear binder, and sheet protectors. Thanks- Just let me know how much the binder and sheet protectors will be.-Callie

Kendall said...

Thanks guys. I'll make a note of that.

I bought oil cloth for Rebecca and Carrie. I have one extra 1/2 yrd of the torquoise with cherries if any one wants it.

I also have a section of the white with red polka dots if anyone wants it.